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Three-storey HOUSE with commercial premises (750 m2), Sokolovská str., Karlovy Vary - Rybáře

Sokolovská 116, Rybáře, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

13 390 000 Kč (Price for an object)

SALE 4-star hotel Eliška ****, Krále Jiřího str., Karlovy Vary, 2022 m2

Krále Jiřího 2a, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

84 150 000 Kč (Price for an object)

For sale commercial two-story premises, 566 sqm, str. Foersterova, in the center of Karlovy Vary.

Foersterova, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

3 500 000 Kč 2 999 000 Kč (Price for an object)

An exclusive offer for the sale of non-residential commercial premises (87.80 m2) in the new building Šumavská Residence, Karlovy Vary

Šumavská, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

3 162 500 Kč (Price for an object)

Production plant Vřídelní sůl, Karlovy Vary

Na Výhledě, Stará Role, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

53 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Sale of existing business in Karlovy Vary, multi-brand clothing boutique, Zamecky Vrch, 49.7 sq.m.

Zámecký vrch 9, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

13 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Sale of an apartment house in Prague 9, Satalice district, 900 sq.m.

Our company offers to your attention the sale of an apartment house in Prague 9 (Prague Satalice) which consists of two identical two-storey houses, (by type of hostel) of 900 m2. These two houses accommodate 92 people. There is a room for rent (one place - 4000 kroons, and there are rooms where one place is rented for 4500 kroons per month), the average occupancy is about 75% a year. Near…

31 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Sale of a unique equestrian sports complex near Prague, 56 934 sq.m.

A well-known equestrian sports complex in a worthy place!  The club is widely known in the Czech Republic and Europe. Location: Prague-West, Nučice village. Business age: 8 years (since 2008), owner - specialist-builder (the club is managed by his daughter). It is reliable investment of funds, an exclusive business that gives pleasure and is an interesting occupation. Earth: Horse and…

90 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)

The garage in the residential complex Triplex, Pražská silnice str., Karlovy Vary, 25 sqm.

Pražská silnice 1, Hůrky, Karlovy Vary, Česko

650 000 Kč 550 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Karlovy Vary, Česko

65 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)

For sale a historical villa in the tourist center of Karlovy Vary, 1500 sq.m.

U Imperiálu, Karlovy Vary, Česko

130 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Commercial premises in the business center of Karlovy Vary 56 m2

Dr. Davida Bechera, Karlovy Vary, Česko

11 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)
Total items: 28