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0 Kč (Price for an object)

9 500 Kč (Price for Month)

Multi-apartment building for sale, Rumunská str., Karlovy Vary

Rumunská, Drahovice, Karlovy Vary, Česko

105 000 Kč (Price for Square meter)

Family house for renovation, Plzeňská str, Carlsbad, 220sqm

Plzeňská, Karlovy Vary, Česká republika

1 990 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Two -floors house 600 sq.m. + 3000 sq.m., Hory, Carlsbad

Hory, Karlovarský kraj, Česká republika

4 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Country house with a land-lot in a quiet, beautiful place, Bor, 147 m2 (land-lot 1069 m2)

Bor, Sadov, Česko

5 600 000 Kč 4 390 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Family house 380 sq.m., a plot of land 2200 sq.m.

Fojtov, Nejdek, Česko

4 990 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Family house in lovely region of Karlovy Vary near forest, Fügnerova str., 160 sq.m.,

Fügnerova, Karlovy Vary, Česko

5 000 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Two-storey brick house with a unique plot of land near Karlovy Vary, Lesov

We offer the purchase of a two-storey brick house (130 sq.m.) in the village Lesov which is 8 km from Karlovy Vary. This house requires major reconstruction or demolition. Pay attention on a spacious plot of land 4310 sq.m. It is surrounded by a hilly landscape, a mixed forest and a creek. It is a unique place near Karlovy Vary. Perfectly suitable for the construction of a family home…

5 500 000 Kč (Price for an object)

HOUSE with fireplace 4 + KK, land plot of 3500 m2

Dlouhá Lomnice, Bochov, Czechia

8 900 000 Kč 5 900 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Family house, 13 rooms, land-lot 560 m2, Straromlýnská street, Březová, 2 km away from Karlovy Vary

Staromlýnská, Březová, Česká republika

7 800 000 Kč 6 300 000 Kč (Price for an object)

Profitable house / hostel in Bohatice, Karlovy Vary, Františka Halase street

Františka Halase, Bohatice, Karlovy Vary, Česko

8 200 000 Kč 6 700 000 Kč (Price for an object)
Total items: 38