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For rent the commercial premises (200 m2), Sokolovska, Karlovy Vary (ID: 1655)

Sokolovská 116, Rybáře, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

769 € 731 € (Price for Month)

Three-storey HOUSE with commercial premises (750 m2), Sokolovská str., Karlovy Vary - Rybáře (ID: 1654)

Sokolovská 116, Rybáře, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

514 979 € (Price for an object)

SALE 4-star hotel Eliška ****, Krále Jiřího str., Karlovy Vary, 2022 m2 (ID: 1651)

Krále Jiřího 2a, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

3 236 409 € (Price for an object)

For sale commercial two-story premises, 566 sqm, str. Foersterova, in the center of Karlovy Vary. (ID: 1634)

Foersterova, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

134 610 € 115 342 € (Price for an object)

An exclusive offer for the sale of non-residential commercial premises (87.80 m2) in the new building Šumavská Residence, Karlovy Vary (ID: 1579)

Šumavská, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

121 630 € (Price for an object)

Production plant Vřídelní sůl, Karlovy Vary (ID: 1565)

Na Výhledě, Stará Role, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

2 038 380 € (Price for an object)

Sale of existing business in Karlovy Vary, multi-brand clothing boutique, Zamecky Vrch, 49.7 sq.m. (ID: 1553)

Zámecký vrch 9, Karlovy Vary, Czechia

499 980 € (Price for an object)

Sale of an apartment house in Prague 9, Satalice district, 900 sq.m. (ID: 1510)

Our company offers to your attention the sale of an apartment house in Prague 9 (Prague Satalice) which consists of two identical two-storey houses, (by type of hostel) of 900 m2. These two houses accommodate 92 people. There is a room for rent (one place - 4000 kroons, and there are rooms where one place is rented for 4500 kroons per month), the average occupancy is about 75% a year. Near…

1 192 260 € (Price for an object)

Sale of a unique equestrian sports complex near Prague, 56 934 sq.m. (ID: 1433)

A well-known equestrian sports complex in a worthy place!  The club is widely known in the Czech Republic and Europe. Location: Prague-West, Nučice village. Business age: 8 years (since 2008), owner - specialist-builder (the club is managed by his daughter). It is reliable investment of funds, an exclusive business that gives pleasure and is an interesting occupation. Earth: Horse and…

3 461 400 € (Price for an object)

The garage in the residential complex Triplex, Pražská silnice str., Karlovy Vary, 25 sqm. (ID: 1416)

Pražská silnice 1, Hůrky, Karlovy Vary, Česko

24 999 € 21 153 € (Price for an object)

(ID: 1394)

Karlovy Vary, Česko

2 499 900 € (Price for an object)

For sale a historical villa in the tourist center of Karlovy Vary, 1500 sq.m. (ID: 1346)

U Imperiálu, Karlovy Vary, Česko

4 999 800 € (Price for an object)
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