Sale of a unique equestrian sports complex near Prague, 56 934 sq.m.

ID: 1433

Price: 90 000 000 Kč

A well-known equestrian sports complex in a worthy place!  The club is widely known in the Czech Republic and Europe. Location: Prague-West, Nučice village. Business age: 8 years (since 2008), owner - specialist-builder (the club is managed by his daughter). It is reliable investment of funds, an exclusive business that gives pleasure and is an interesting occupation.

Earth: Horse and Sports Club is located on the land of the general an area of ​​56,934 square meters. Lands of settlements for construction and agricultural use (ratio 1: 1), officially "stable". All in ownership of the company. The club is located on the western border of Prague in fast transport accessibility: by motorway D5 - 20 minutes from city ​​center, by bus from Zličin metro station (10 minutes) or by train from Smichov station (25 minutes). The club has its own big parking. Stables and an arena are built of high-quality, natural materials in the English style. The indoor arena has an area of ​​20x50 meters., it is adjoined by a stable for 23 stalls. Two outdoor arenas have dimensions of 40x70 meters and 22x60 meters, next to them - 20 wooden stalls. All stalls are equipped with autopilots and sinks for horses. The area of ​​the club is completely up-to-date the world requirements for the maintenance and training of horses. The main space is equipped with a comfortable tribune for spectators. Installed light and sound equipment that allows television shooting and broadcast without additional sources. The booths of the commentators are located in the indoor and outdoor arenas. The whole territory of the club is equipped with modern lighting that allows you to carry out activities at any time of the day. The area of ​​the club allows year-round grazing of horses on its own territory and, if necessary, on the adjacent leased site. The club has wardrobes, locker rooms, toilets and shower rooms for visitors and staff.

There is a restaurant in English style for 45 seats, separate salon-office for 20 visitors, there is a summer playground. From the restaurant you can follow the trainings and jumps.  Three comfortable hotel rooms are equipped in the club for visitors . There is a separate apartment and two rooms for staff. The club is fully equipped for carrying out a variety of actions, seminars, conferences. For this purpose there are two conference halls and salon.

Important information: Registration assistance. Project sanitary zone. Environmental expertise Fire signaling. Passport to the building of the stables. Passport for the indoor the arena. Passport for the restaurant. Cadastral plans for land sites.

Half of the territory related to the development is not built up. You can build everything that relates to horses, including hotel, clinic of hypotherapy, or use under the extension equestrian business.

Business brings a stable income: the club is fully leased to the school horse riding, stables are rented by private persons for maintenance their horses. The club has a great potential for increasing income.

Detail information

Area, square meter: 56934 m²
Parking / Garáž:

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