Two-bedroom apartment in the tourist center of Karlovy Vary, Zamecký vrch street, 72 sq.m.

ID: 1767

Price: 4 190 000 Kč

Parents ... How much love, care, happy memories fit in this word. Take care of parents while they are alive.

We grow up and leave the parental home. They are very often busy with business, so we rarely call, we rarely go. And time goes on.

And so often we are inspired by the memories of happy moments in the family, when parents were near.

And we are waiting for the day off, vacation, to go to our dearest people.

Why would you wait? Buy a cozy 3-room apartment on the 1st floor in the very center of the city for parents. You just have to come to pick up your parents and celebrate the housewarming. Everything you need for a comfortable life is there. And your parents will be by your side.

Buying this apartment guarantees a comfortable home for your parents.

the repair and maintenance fund is CZK 1,343.

Detail information

Type: 3+kk
City: Karlovy Vary
Property status: In good condition
Building: Brick
Ownership: Personal
Parking / Garáž:

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